understand business, persona, product, solution, …..
social media start a social media plan
SEO Audit Rivals KW – backlink – update (per 2 weeks)
Google Update Research per week
basic SEO full audit and then doing these steps: sitemap – robot.txt – URLs – Metadata – 404s – all server series – duplicate pages- footer – menu – link building – bead crumb – table of content – all plugins – set WordPress dashboard all setting – make all redirect – broke redirect chain – decrease kW stuffing – all internal links check – sidebar – speed – code optimize – SSL – and make all basic SEO tips google friendly
content strategy kw research (Leader KW – SKW – AKW )
landing strategy strategy KW-landing (flagship-pillar page- topic gate – cornerstone)
cat strategy category plan for the blog – shop
URL strategy URL strategy for better performance and optimize crawl budget, crawl depth
Technical Strategy HTML Tags for search engine (Product – blog – category – pages)
linkBuilding Comment – profile per week
link building make all great Web 2 website with the brand name for share content
Blog calender make exact blog calendar for blog post per day
Publish first 15 pages for the structure to start doing SEO
Executive SEO Publish blog calendar and promote it
Executive SEO Optimize all element on all pages in a row for each page
Executive SEO make internal links for the updated blog post
Technical SEO Speed – Code Optimize
support content support content strategy for stone rank per week
bridge content bridge content strategy for search engine for different topic per month
Backlinks Backlink strategy for leader KW per week
Advanced SEO Update Pages, blog posts with Schema
SEO Audit technical 100% healthy website with Ahrefs and Semrush
Analyze Backlinks Analyze Backlinks for the result
power backlinks make backlink better (social signal – backlink) ( UR