canonical in seo

A canonical tag is an HTML code that helps search engines such as Google to identify the original source of the content. It is a technique utilized by webmasters to prevent duplicate content issues and consolidate ranking signals. The benefits of using canonical tag for SEO are: Overall, using canonical tags is an essential aspect […]

site speed for better seo

Sure, here’s an article about site speed: How Site Speed Affects Your Website and Business Site speed is an important element of website performance that affects user experience, search engine rankings, and business goals. A slow-loading website can frustrate visitors, lower engagement, and reduce conversions, while a fast-loading website can enhance satisfaction, increase engagement, and […]

What is reportage in SEO and how to optimize it?

venues of newspaper and magazine companies used to be publishing reportage advertisements. Little by little, when the internet blogs took the place of physical magazines, reportage started to be published with the same purpose but on a different platform called website! Nowadays, writing reportage ads to receive quality back-links from ranked websites turn into a popular action which truly have a great effect on increasing website traffic. So, let’s learn mo

What are follow and no-follow links?

Link building in different sectors of a website plays an important role whether it is an internal link or external link. One critical point in external link building is the state of follow or no follow link which is determined by you and has an impressive impact on SEO of the website. Therefore, we are […]

How to find keywords that perfectly match your content?

Keywords are one the most important elements of a Good content as they are the main queries users search for. Of course after a while you may understand the type of your users and try to make keywords based on the behavior of the users, but this is not a correct way to find and […]

Simple methods to speed up your site loading

Undoubtedly, the more your website speed, the better for users and even search engines! It was in 2018 that Google updated its speed algorithm of the websites for many times so that those websites with better speed were visited much more and first ranks were awarded to them. Therefore, speeding up the website loading turned […]